He came to Canada as a teenage refugee. Five years

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He came to Canada as a teenage refugeeHopefully this will b. Five years laterFor example, his bid to reunite his family is stuck in limbo - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Humayun Sarwar remembers being thrilled when he was picked by his school in Kabul to represent Afghanistan at a Model United Nations conference in New York.

Little did the then-14-year-old know the selection would be the start of an odyssey that would separate him from his parents for the next five years — and counting.

The school delegation’s trip to the United States in 2016 was all over TV and social media, and turned Sarwar’s family into targets of the Taliban because of the event’s connection to the UPresident Richard Nixon is sworn in for a second term in Washington, D.C.S. government.

While he was at the UN conference, his mothers car was stolen from his driveway in Toronto. It was tracked to a Halifax port, according to his asylum claim, was confronted by two unknown men outside the school where she taught, and questioned about the purpose of her son’s visit to the U.S. and her family connections to the Americans.

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